Phoenix Reset (New Years Cleanse + Webinar)

January 22nd - February 11th

After an intense 2016 with tons of ups and down, many of us are in need of a reset. Get off to a great start by participating in our next Phoenix Reset, 21-day nutritional cleanse. This cleanse will detoxify your body, create new habits, break your sugar addiction, restore your internal workings, enhance your gut […]

Black Friday Special

Hey warriors take advantage of this special offer we have on personal coaching. Three full one-on-one 60 minute sessions valued at $225, for the low price of $89. Train with one of our qualified People’s Trainers at the RevFit Studio in East Harlem. A great way to get ready for the new year or also […]

Why is it important to roll?

Why rolling patterns are so important for your overall health and fitness We live in a world where everything happens so fast. This is especially true for growing up. In our rush we quickly become detached from our earliest movement patterns, such as rolling, folding, and crawling. As we get older and become more independent […]

Finding freedom through movement [Podcast S03E10]

with Kellen Milad

Finding freedom through movement RevFit Radio Kellen Milad is a trainer & transformation coach with a passion for helping others move better and live better. He has built a strong fitness practice through his studies in classic weightlifting, yoga, gymnastics, and parkour. Kellen currently travels the country teaching natural movement as a MovNat Team Instructor. […]

Where do you get fit?

Most of people have a very specific idea of what fitness is. We develop these parameters of where it should happen, what you should be wearing, how you should feel, what you should have eaten, and what equipment you need. All these parameters have constructed an extremely narrow concept of how to get into shape. […]