10,000 Kettlebell Swings

May 2017 Challenge

It's been a while but we are brining it back. This May join the Revolutionary Fitness community as we host a 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge. (Also join us May 20th for a Free master class in Central Park, register here.)

The rules are simple, find a Kettlebell somewhere between 25%-30% of your April 30th bodyweight. And clock in 10,000 Swings in the 31 days of May. That's it! Please follow this link to register and qualify for prizes.

Printable chart to track swings: http://bit.ly/2pLuTxE

It doesn't matter how many you do a day or how you break up your sets and reps, as long as you complete the 10K swings by the end of the month. We recommend a daily spread of 323 Swings per day on average. But if you can't do swings every day here is a great protocol put out by Dan John, check it out!

There is tons of benefits to doing this challenge. This one month can literally transform your body composition, highly improve your posture, strengthen your backside, restore your hip function and make you a badass walking into the summer season!

We want you to share your progress with the rest of the community by using the hashtag #revfitkettlebells, for everyone who is successful in completing the 10K you will also win a exclusive Kettlebell "Guerrero" tank top. And the individual who is the most engaging over the month has a chance to win the Grand Prize of a free voucher to our upcoming June Kettlebell certification! In order to qualify for prizes you must also register through our MindBody interface by following this link.

We are excited to move with you this May. Share this post and lets get everyone involved. Use the hashtag #revfitkettlebells so we can stay connected. #revfit #revfitnyc #kettlebells #swings #kettlebellswings #fitnesschallenge #letsmovetogether #movnat #movnatnyc