Mission and History

Who we are

Revolutionary Fitness was founded in the Spring of 2010 with the purpose of providing health and fitness services & education to underdeveloped communities, that do not have regular access to such programs. We have grown to offer all types of fitness classes, educational clinics and workshops, alternatives to youth incarceration programs, mentoring programs, and social justice advocacy through community campaigns to address the oppressive state of health within our communities.


These programs have not only provided important services to our communities but they also serve as models to disadvantaged people who wish to start taking concrete actions to deal with their realities.

Our strategy is not to try and provide everyone with the services they are lacking, but rather to begin the process of developing services from within our community and begin addressing the bigger issues causing the health and fitness crisis in our neighborhoods. We use education to provide our people with the tools to take control of their own destiny and to shape the state of health and fitness within our communities.

Revolutionary Fitness's mission is to empower all people who aspire to live a healthier and more meaningful life regardless of economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation or creed. We are committed to promoting alternatives to what is currently available to us as a community. We do this by creating fitness ambassadors from within our communities through our educational programs, by pushing alternative fitness media that address our unique experiences as poor and working people, and by providing low cost & accessible services to our communities. We ask you to join us on this mission for Fitness Justice, Let's Move Together.


Our Logo

red_logo_squareSince our founding we have been using the same organizational logo and it has grown to be part of what our community is all about. It is an original design by a Comic Book artist named Ben Serna.

Ben is the cousin of RevFit founder Shawn Garcia. At the time, Ben and Shawn were living together and Shawn asked Ben to design a cool looking Phoenix logo for the new fitness organization that Shawn was starting with a group of friends.

After 20 prototypes and a few weeks of review, they finally settled on adopting this version and on May 14, 2010 it became the official logo for RevFit.

The phoenix is a powerful mythical creature that symbolizes rebirth, as it is reborn from the ashes of its predecessor. We here at RevFit believe that the Phoenix represents the strength and spirit of our communities. Through hundreds of years of oppression we constantly find a way to regroup and give birth to a revitalized fighting spirit to better our conditions. Wearing the Phoenix is a reminder of that spirit.