Iyengar Yoga [Podcast S05E02]

NORMA COLON – IYENGAR YOGA (S05E02) Norma Colon discusses the essence of Yoga and how she made a stronger connection when she finally discovered the Iyengar Yoga system. A certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Norma Colón has devoted her career to bringing her passion, yoga, to others. She has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 30 […]

Holiday Vibrations Cleanse

10-day nutritional cleanse

Increase your bodies vibrations to enjoy this festive time of year. Learn to heal your body from the inside out, develop your natural glow, and increase energy to spread love throughout the holiday season. Join Revolutionary Fitness as we lead our next guided 10-day nutritional cleanse. Don’t wait for New Years but start the nourishing […]

Survival, Pending Revolution

Serve the People, Don’t Patronize Them

“The Breakfast for Children program was set up first. Other programs – clothing distribution centres, liberations schools, housing, prison projects, and medical centres – soon followed. We called them ‘survival programs pending revolution’, since we needed long-term programs and a disciplined organisation to carry them out. They were designed to help the people survive until […]

Enrollment Open For Certification

January 2018

Enrollment for the next People’s Trainer Certification semester has opened. Join us for 4-months of study, mentorship and continual educational opportunities culminating with a 5-day Intensive Course. Our course work begins on September 10, 2017. The next intensive scheduled to take place in New York City is January 10th-14th 2018 and we will additionally be […]