Enrollment Open For Certification

January 2018

Enrollment for the next People’s Trainer Certification semester has opened. Join us for 4-months of study, mentorship and continual educational opportunities culminating with a 5-day Intensive Course. Our course work begins on September 10, 2017. The next intensive scheduled to take place in New York City is January 10th-14th 2018 and we will additionally be […]

For all of our European comrades, we will be having our next People's Trainer certification in Malmö, Sweden September 1st-3rd. Included in the certification is not only our Fitness Justice curriculum but you will also receive your RevFit Kettlebell certification, and a big overview of Natural Movement Training, Plant Strong Nutrition and the Bulgarian Bag.

It is proving to be an amazing event, so please be sure to join Master Trainers Shawn Garcia and Oscar Salazar Aros. As our inaugural certification in Europe we are offering a special price for all registrants at €300 ($354 USD), sign up today.
Register Now: http://bit.ly/2uQetDL

Date: September 1, 2017
Time: 9:00am
Event: People's Trainer Certification: Sweden
Venue: RevFit Sweden
Location: Malmo
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

People’s Trainer Intensive Certification

Congratulations to the Spring 2017 graduating class of Revolutionary Fitness People’s Trainers. After an exhausting 5-day intensive, their final test outs took place on a nearly 90 degree weather day and they still all killed it! We are very proud of them and they are excited to continue this work throughout our communities. Let’s Move […]

What it means to be a Peoples’ Trainer [Podcast S03E09]

What it means to be a Peoples’ Trainer RevFit Radio Every Wednesday we have a special 30-min episode of RevFitRadio dedicated to answering your questions and answers. This week’s topic is “What it means to be a Peoples’ Trainer”. We are joined by co-host Jon Rones who asks your questions from the web and Shawn attempts to […]

Revolutionary Fitness offers a four-day intensive certifying program, which covers the basic and progressive study of anatomy, kinesiology, exercise science, yoga, plant-strong nutrition, fitness justice, Natural Movement Training and the RevFit service model.

Date: October 1, 2016—October 22, 2016
Event: People's Trainer Certification [Sep 16']
Topic: RFT Certification
Venue: Harlem Meer
Location: 110th street and Lenox avenue
New York, NY 10029
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.