Survival, Pending Revolution

Serve the People, Don’t Patronize Them

“The Breakfast for Children program was set up first. Other programs – clothing distribution centres, liberations schools, housing, prison projects, and medical centres – soon followed. We called them ‘survival programs pending revolution’, since we needed long-term programs and a disciplined organisation to carry them out. They were designed to help the people survive until […]

Ruffie Training Class

guest Oscar Salazar

Ruffie Training Class w/ RevFit Sweden Master Trainer Oscar Salazar. Check out the Facebook event page Central Park North (110th street and Lenox ave) Thursday May 18th 6:00pm-7:30pm (followed by Yoga w/ Aisha Bams 7:30-8:30) Register for FREE ( Ruffie is based on martial arts and physical exercises. The exercises are based on collaborating and […]

Ñ Don’t Stop Interview

April 2016

If you didn’t catch it last year when it came out, here is a little throwback Thursday to an interview our Executive Director Shawn Garcia did with the good folks at Ñ Don’t Stop, a show on TeleSur. Learn more about RevFit and our mission!

Intersectionality of RevFit’s work

One of the main focuses of Revolutionary Fitness is to raise awareness within our community on health and fitness justice. However, owing to the fact that the members of our team come from the community that we serve, we take to heart the obstacles that our brothers and sisters are facing every day. As a […]

The Deep Squat “Hold” Challenge

Join us for this 21-day challenge

The long coveted achievement ability, the ability to hold a deep squat. For many our relationship with the squat is shaky to say the least. Most of us cannot perform a basic deep squat and for those of us who can, its not an easy position to hold for long. Its gotten so bad that […]