Parkour Examined [Podcast S05E09]

JULIE ANGEL – PARKOUR EXAMINED (S05E09) Julie Angel is the founder of the See & Do movement project, she’s a filmmaker, photographer, author, academic, movement coach and completed the world’s first Parkour themed Ph.D. We speak to her this week about an anthropological look at the world of parkour. Julie a real student of parkour […]

Steel Mace [Podcast S05E08]

RICH THURMAN III – STEEL MACE (S05E08) Rich Thurman III is based in San Francisco, California and has nearly 20 years of Coaching experience. He has a degree in Physiological Science and as a NSCA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Rich takes a scientific approach to improving athletic performance, overall Longevity and Durability. Known for his […]

Why a Worker Cooperative [Podcast S05E07]

ESTEBAN KELLY – WHY A WORKER COOPERATIVE (S05E07) Esteban Kelly is a visionary leader and compassionate strategist who inspires organizers by drawing on science fiction, social theory, and collective liberation. Esteban is the Executive Director for the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and a trainer with AORTA– the Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance. AORTA is a […]

Kettlebells & Groundwork [Podcast S05E06]

ERNAD PRNJAT – KETTLEBELLS & GROUNDWORK (S05E06) Revolutionary Fitness Master Kettlebell Instructor Ernad Prnjat joins us this week to talk about how we’ve been revising and developing our updated Kettlebell Certification. With a real focus on building from the ground up and fine tuning fundamentals, are certification is unlike any other. Ernad Prnjat is originally from […]

Bulgarian Bag [Podcast S05E05]

IVAN IVANOV – BULGARIAN BAG (S05E05) Creator of the Bulgarian Bag Ivan Ivanov discusses his history and motivation for the creation of the Bulgarian Bag and its application for athletes as well as general population. We are also joined by Revolutionary Fitness Sweden Master Instructor Oscar Salazar who also happens to be a master trainer with […]