There are types of certifications currently offered by Revolutionary Fitness: Our Primary Certification and our Speciality Certifications

Primary Certification

Our primary certification is the certification to become a full out People's Trainer with us. Although it isn't a prerequisite for taking the speciality certifications, we highly recommend that one does our primary certification to have a deeper understanding of our training philosophies or overall orientation of the industry. Also you'll get more out of your speciality certifications with the foundation you build in our primary certification. The Primary Certification type currently consists of our:

  • People's Trainer Certification (RFT)
  • Master Trainer Certification

Specialty Certifications

The Specialty Certifications have been developed to understand the role that a specific training modality will have in your over program. The detailed ways to utilize the tools/ training modalities for yourself and the students you're working with. The Specialty Certifications type currently consists of:

  • Kettlebells (Level 1)
  • Introduction to Natural Movement Training
  • Calisthenics (coming Fall 2017)