Manduka: RevFit’s Top 5


Why we love Manduka products?

Manduka provides some of the best yoga mats, yoga products, and yoga gear all eco-conscious and high quality. Manduka is not the most affordable yoga product line out there, but since the quality is so exceptional and most have lifetime warranties, once you invest in one of their products you won't ever have much need for another. So if you are looking to invest in a high quality product that will last you for a long time, Manduka gets the RevFit seal of approval.

Below is a list of our top 5 items from Manduka. If you use the links that we provided here, a percentage of your purchase will go to supporting the Fitness Justice efforts of Revolutionary Fitness and the services that we provide. So definitely check out what they have to offer and let us know what you think.

Black Mat PRO 85"

Pros: The only Yoga mat you'll ever need! Extra thick, great grip and long to fit all sized Yogies. This is a favorite of all our RevFit Warriors who are tall or just like a lot of space on their mat to play around with.
Cons: This mat is really heavy and if you are commuting a lot this is probably not the best choice for you.

eKO SuperLite Travel Mat

Pros: So thin you can fold this mat up and throw it in your bag, but with that thinness no quality is lost.
Cons: Although great for traveling this mat won't provide you with any extra cushioning for those who need it.

Reach Yoga Strap

Pros: Super durable strap with great length to fit all your yoga needs, taking your practice to the next level.
Cons: We've found that the color gets a little messed up over time from sweat, but nothing serious.

Recycled Foam unBLOK

Pros: Great quality Yoga block with an innovative design that always for more unique uses.
Cons: We haven't found any faults with it yet.

Round airCORE Bolster

Pros: High quality bolster that will last you for years and also is machine washable for continued use.
Cons: As with many of the Manduka products its more expensive than many bolsters on the market, but it will never have to be replaced.


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