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Our active People's Trainer staff is composed of members of our RFT community who are actively teaching and delivering services at one of our official locations and/or teaching educational workshops around the world. We also have RFTs who are not currently on staff but may be teaching classes locally in your area, please refer to our trainer directory to find the certified trainer nearest to you.

shawn_chief_rftChief RFT: Our Chief RFT Shawn Garcia, is the educational leader of our organization and is tasked with maintaining the curriculum and standards for our main People's Trainer Certification. He is also responsible for developing and mentoring the rest of our Peoples' Trainer staff and supporting the development of our affiliate locations.

Master RFTs: Our Master RFTs have reached a deep understanding of our organizational mission and training philosophies and deliver a high level of instruction. Master Trainers serve as the Instructors of our Certifications and help set the standards for our organization. Their main task is developing more People's Trainers and spreading our message. For a list of our Master RFTs, click here, but here is our current staff:

Ernie Prnjat Master RFT I

Ernie Prnjat
Master RFT I


Jenny Deida
Master RFT I

OscarSalazarMaster RFT I

Oscar Salazar
Master RFT I

Lead RFTs: Our Lead RFTs have been given all the tools to be well-rounded health & fitness instructors. They have a good understanding of exercise science, nutritional coaching, mind-body training, self-healing techniques, along with a strong competency in Kettlebell training, Natural Movement training and Functional Movement Systems. For a list of our Lead RFTs, click here, but here is our current staff:

Aisha BamsLead RFT II

Aisha Bams

Cathy RojasLead RFT I

Cathy Rojas
Lead RFT I

Emma BonoliLead RFT I

Emma Bonoli
Lead RFT I

Juan PeraltaLead RFT II

Juan Peralta

Julie CarellaLead RFT I

Julie Carella
Lead RFT I

Mike RamosLead RFT I

Mike Ramos
Lead RFT I

Nic PowellLead RFT I

Nic Powell
Lead RFT I

Nicole GuerreroLead RFT II

Kate Zen
Lead RFT I

Nicole GuerreroLead RFT II

Nicole Guerrero
Lead RFT I

RFT Candidates: Our candidates are individuals who are currently part of one of our certification programs and are working towards becoming a fully certified People's Trainer. For a list of our RFT candidates, click here.


Revolutionary Fitness People's Trainers (RFT) are individuals who truly serve their community through the vehicle of health and fitness. The programs they help provide are not only important services needed in our communities but also serve as a model to disadvantaged people who wish to begin to take concrete actions to deal with their predicament.

Each trainer comes from the communities we serve and shares a deep compassion for changing the state of health and fitness within our communities. They must each go through our Revolutionary Fitness People's Trainer Certification.


The process to become certified as a Revolutionary Fitness People's Trainer (RFT) is highly rigorous, assuring a knowledgeable trainer who is well trained in exercise science, plant-strong nutrition, yoga fundamentals and community development. Prospective trainers must show proficiency in the RevFit Joint Mobility sequence, take a written exam, take the physical Level 1 Warrior Test and based off of observations from the administrating master trainers.

Trainers are granted full certification at the Lead Trainer level I only after satisfactorily completing all parts of this examination process.

The process of education and evaluation is repeated with higher standards and different material at four additional levels of certification, from Lead I to Chief, preparing trainers to teach at increasing levels of competency.

Certification Levels of People's Trainers:

  • Lead RFT I (upon successful completion of Phoenix Education Program)
  • Lead RFT II
  • Master RFT I
  • Master RFT II
  • Chief Instructor

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