Phoenix Reset

21-day nutritional cleanse

One of the biggest transformations you can make this year is through transforming your eating habits. The Phoenix Reset is a 21-day nutritional cleanse that we have been developing for the past few months exactly for this goal.

To register for this cleanse please follow this link for the manual and supportive content

This cleanse will detoxify your body, create new habits, break your sugar addiction, restore your internal workings, enhance your gut health, shred your body of unwanted body fat, change your relationship with the food you eat and realkalize your body.

Here are the details of our first ever Phoenix Reset cleanse:

January 10-30th - 21-day cleanse
January 31st 12pm - Plant Strong Brunch with fellow participants

For $10 ( you will receive access to a two-hour orientation webinar, the Phoenix Reset manual, access to the private FB support group and a copy of our Plant Strong ebook (valued at $5 & coming out Jan 31st).

Phoenix Reset Manual
Phoenix Reset Manual2