Enrollment Open For Certification

January 2018

Enrollment for the next People's Trainer Certification semester has opened. Join us for 4-months of study, mentorship and continual educational opportunities culminating with a 5-day Intensive Course. Our course work begins on September 10, 2017.

The next intensive scheduled to take place in New York City is January 10th-14th 2018 and we will additionally be setting dates for a intensive in Oakland, California Feb 2018; Malmo, Sweden March 2018; Boston, Massachusetts April 2018 and Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico May 2018. Those exact dates will be released in the next 2-4 weeks.

Here is a little more about the certification. But to register today and secure early bird registration, follow this link. Registration is $595 but an Early-Bird discount at $445.

The Lead Level 1 Certification Course is an introduction Revolutionary Fitness's philosophy and training foundations. The course includes lecture, movement instruction, as well as written and physical evaluation.


The RevFit Lead Level 1 (RFT) Certification Trainer Certificate Course is an introductory course on our philosophy, methodology, concepts, background and natural movement training. The program includes lectures on: Our political orientation and goals in the fitness industry, an introduction to Natural Movement concepts and modalities, coaching & teaching strategies, dietary & lifestyle recommendations and how to create alternative fitness models that service those in the most need.

The course includes both lecture based sessions, group conversations and exchanging of ideas and tons of physical play. All our certifications take place primarily outdoors, so interaction with the environment is key.

Best practices are discussed at the end of the workshop, as well as strategies for teaching Revolutionary Fitness clasess in multiple environments and scaling for any fitness level.

Curriculum includes

  • Study of Natural Movement training, restorative practices, Kettlebells, Plant Strong Coaching, alternative business models, fitness justice and much more
  • hands-on training with our Master Trainers
  • peer-to-peer study
  • in-class shadowing experience
  • support with marketing and business
  • discounts on workshops, training seminars, and other upcoming courses or certifications
  • being part of the RevFit family and our support network
  • for less than 10% of the cost of what other similar programs charge
  • continued discounts on educational opportunities


  • Speak and explain the core principles/philosophies of Revolutionary Fitness
  • Understand essential training concepts that you can teach in a efficient manner to all fitness levels.
  • A better knowledge and understanding to continue your own health and fitness program
  • Be able to evaluate, verbalize, and correct movement technique of students you work with.
  • Teach Revolutionary Fitness classes safely and effectively.