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Revolutionary Fitness is a 100% volunteer-based organization. We believe that our volunteers are the foundation of our community. All the work that we do in our communities is because of the collective effort put in by our volunteers. As such we are constantly looking for ways to get more and more community members involved in different avenues of work that we do. Whether it be helping with fitness classes, to walking door to door building with our neighborhoods, to filming videos to go on our YouTube channel and even gain training on numerous job training skills.

If you are interested in learning more about our different areas of work and how you can get involved today, please fill out the application below and wait to hear back from our Volunteer Manager. Thanks and Let's Move Together.


Volunteer Application
  • Name*full name here
  • Email*can't leave this empty
  • Address*mailing address here
  • Must be 14 yrs old to volunteer*If you are under 18 yrs old you must get parental consent.
  • How did you hear about RevFit?*further details
  • Why do you want to Volunteer with RevFit?*further details
  • What is your availability during the week?*check all that apply
  • Area of work*what areas interest you?
  • Location Preference*where in the city can you help us out?
  • Education*highest level completed
  • Student*currently?
  • Computer Skills*are you proficient on computers?
  • Are you familiar with these skills*check all that apply
  • Lanugages*which do you speak/write fluently other than English
  • Can you become a sustainer*We encourage all our volunteers to also become financial sustrainers
  • **Our sustainers can contribute as little as $5 a month. Our organization runs almost entirely off of the donations we receive every month, so every little bit counts. Learn more about our sustainers program http://www.revolutionaryfitness.org/support

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