Hands Off Our Bodies!

Written by Justice Roe Williams “The personal is political” is a call to action popularized by feminists and the student movement of the late ’60s and early ’70s. Coined in an essay of the same name by radical feminist Carol Hanisch, the phrase was created to recognize the importance of our personal experiences in relation […]

Kids Health during the Winter [Podcast S06E07]

KIDS HEALTH DURING THE WINTER (S06E07) Host Shawn Garcia and Rene Bosolet talk about keeping your kids healthy during the winter months. Two dads talking about what they know works and what they’ve tried Here’s what you’ll hear in this week’s show: Getting kids acclimated to the season How to encourage play when most are home […]

Join us in welcoming our new Marketing Director, Oscar Salazar Aros!

Revolutionary Fitness is excited to announce the appointment of Oscar Salazar Aros as our new Marketing Director effective immediately. The Executive Team and Board of Directors have the fullest confidence that Oscar will use his years of experience creating Fitness Justice programming, team building and leadership to foster the growth of the vision of the […]

Fitness for All Bodies & Transgender Wellness [Podcast S06E06]

JUSTICE ROE WILLIAMS – FITNESS FOR ALL BODIES AND TRANSGENDER WELLNESS (S06E02) Host Shawn Garcia talks with Justice Roe Willams about making fitness for all bodies and specifically on the topic of transgender wellness. Here’s what you’ll hear in this week’s show: What is Fitness for All Bodies Who is defining body image and what we call health […]