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We currently produce two regular podcast. The first is RevFit Radio a show dedicated to empowering our community to understand their bodies and treat them well. The second is The People's Trainer podcast a show committed to developing fitness professionals who truly serve the people.

Podcast are a great way to absorb content because you can be on the go or busy doing something else and just have the show playing in your headphone. If you subscribe, you will automatically get every episode for free.

We also suggest that you use a podcast application on your iPhone or Android phone. Some good ones are Pocket Casts, Downcast and Instacast. These apps make discovering, subscribing, and listening to podcasts really easy. They also automatically update your podcasts every time a new episode is released.

RFR_Album_Art_150Revolutionary Fitness Radio - Click here to listen!
New episode released every Tuesday at 12pm & Saturday at 12pm

RevFit Radio is a interview based show, hosted by our Executive Director Shawn Garcia. Each week Shawn gets the opportunity to speak to members of the health, fitness and wellness community on an array of different topics.

Not only do you get to hear from some of the leaders within our community on their perspectives and philosophies but you get it all from a community based perspective. This knowledge is for everyone and through this podcast we get to share our learned experiences with one another.  This show is perfect for all of those looking to discover more about their bodies and what the true meaning of healthy living is.

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PTPcover150The People's Trainer Podcast - Click here to listen!
New episode released every Thursday at 12pm

The People's Trainer Podcast is a educational resource for fitness trainers or aspiring fitness trainers. Hosted by Executive Director Shawn Garcia who has been in the fitness community for nearly a decade. Shawn not only is the Chief Instructor for RevFit, he has held numerous educational and management positions within large fitness clubs for the better part of that decade.

Too many times individuals enter the fitness world to try to make an impact on others, change their communities and in turn make money doing something they are truly passionate about. But the current state of the fitness world promotes a hustler's mentality where its all about how many people you can get on your client roster versus how to truly provide a valuable service and create value for your product. Shawn shares his years of experience for all those looking to truly service their community. This is a great show for all fitness professionals or aspiring trainers.

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