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What is the Revolutionary Fitness People's Trainer certification?

Part of our mission from the very start has been to develop individuals within our communities who could be fitness ambassadors promoting a healthy alternative to the oppressive health and fitness conditions our people live with daily. Our People's Trainers (RFTs) are folks who have been certified by our organization to provide RevFit programming in the neighborhoods they serve and to take their coaching skills into professional workspaces.

The process to become certified as a Revolutionary Fitness People’s Trainer (RFT) is highly rigorous, assuring a knowledgeable trainer who is well-trained in exercise science, plant-strong nutrition, restoration/healing fundamentals and community development. Prospective trainers confirm their dedication through months of study. Candidates for certification apply to an assessment process that includes recommendations by mentoring instructors, a review of study and teaching experience, and a comprehensive, four-part examination.

The first step towards certification is through our 4 month online course, once enrolled in the program you have up to a year of self-study before going through one of our 30-hour in person intensives to work towards certification. There are then four levels of certification, each progression has its own set of steps.

Certification Levels of People’s Trainers:

  • People's Trainer Level 1
  • People's Trainer Level 2
  • Master Trainers
  • Chief Instructor

Taught by only the best

IMG_5533Our 4-month online course and 30-hour intensives are taught by our Master Trainers on staff. There is no other group of individuals who have more experience and expertise in providing high quality and accessible services to underdeveloped communities. With many years of cumulative experience as not only strength and conditioning coaches but years of working on the front lines within our communities, there is much to be learned from this group of experts.

More quality at a fraction of the cost

As with all our services and programming, our goal is not to profit off of our community but rather to provide an extremely high quality service at a price point that is accessible for our people while still promotes our continued development. The fees attached to our certification were created to keep the program running sufficiently and subsidize scholarships for those in need. So every candidates' tuition goes to further developing Revolutionary Fitness's mission and spreading our vision into more communities.

The cut in cost though, does not mean that you are getting a poorer quality certification. In fact our program is stronger than most certifications out there. Most certifications that trainers and instructors receive to work at health clubs around the country are a study-at-home and take a multiple choice test at a testing center. Most certifications provide no hands on training and no real in-person testing of information absorption, as a result most trainers working in the industry have no real experience and this causes a lot of issues. The certifications that do offer hands on experience, it's usually in the form of a 3-day weekend workshop, where all the information is crammed into a course that is price pointed in the thousands.

1507503_747502295299953_8068927394867588554_oNot only is our entry-level certification a 4-6 month-long process, it is a multi-layered test out and hours of in-class assisting time. On top of all that, one can volunteer hours towards the organization and get their tuition drastically discounted for further affordability. Our goal is to develop as many quality People's Trainers as possible.

After completing the program to become certified you must pass all four of the following requirements:

  1. Multiple choice test based on manual/video series content.
  2. Demonstration of coaching skills.
  3. Demonstration of Functional Movement Screen.
  4. Pass physical competency test.

Watch this recording of an Open House about our certification at our Harlem Affiliate.

Please check out our Educational Calendar to see when the next certification is happening near you.